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The control center for all of your customers and their shipments. Use powerful organisation tools to ensure that you have constant visibility of their containers at any given time.

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Track every container, everywhere.

Manage all of your shippers and split them out into organisations. Track all of their shipments in the one dashboard. Get a birds-eye-view and make sure you always have an eye on the most critical shipments.

Critical data at your fingertips

We support key data points that you need to know about your shippers and their shipments. Incoterms, HS codes, scheduled dates, PO numbers, freight type, import or export, product details, container types, origin and delivery address details and more are all available to manage in the app.

Manage your shipment documents

Paper trails are a thing of the past. Store and view key shipment documents and ensure you keep them organised for each of your shippers.

Collaborate directly with your shippers.

No more endless phone calls and paper trails. Collaborate directly with your shippers and keep all of your communication in the one place.

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Parallel Marketplace

Access a global community of shippers, BCOs, 3PLs, freight forwarders,
and NVOCCs, to book your shipments. Fast, easy, online.

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