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Track and manage your shipments end-to-end. Manage key data points such as product information, container details, incoterms, delivery addresses. Invite your team and your freight forwarders to work together easily on the same platform.

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Track your shipments

Know where your containers are at any time and get updates of any changes in ETAs. Track their progress through scheduled transshipment points and view key milestone events. Organise and sort your shipments based on those that are critically delayed.

The data you know and love.

We support key data points that you need to know about your shipments. Incoterms, HS codes, scheduled dates, PO numbers, freight type, import or export, product details, seal IDs, container types, origin and delivery address details and more are all available to manage in the app.

Manage your shipment documents

Store any and all of your shipment documents directly and securely on our platform. Select only those people that you wish to view them. Never get lost in a paper trail ever again!

Collaborate directly with your freight forwarder.

Invite your freight forwarder to collaborate on your shipments. Eliminate all of the emails and phone calls and make messaging your freight forwarder a pain-free experience.

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Parallel Marketplace

Access a global community of shippers, BCOs, 3PLs, freight forwarders,
and NVOCCs, to book your shipments. Fast, easy, online.

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